It’s Alive! and the First Retouching Video

It’s Alive!

Welcome to my Adventures Blog. 😀

Place where I write all my stuff, and show you new updates to what I do.

To kick things off, here is one of my retouching videos:

ChaoxAngel Retouch – Speed Factor: 10x

This is a screen recording of the retouching from my photoshoot.

The main tools that I employ are Patch and Clone Stamp, as well as transforming and wrapping tools, as well as the liquify filter.

Time taken: Approx 45 minutes, a short break in between. Not shown in the video is a bit of extra retouching on the male models hair to give him a fuller hairstyle, a last minute adjustment.

My Photography:

My Retouching:

My Facebook (Where you can find my workshops):

Music: Graphiqs Groove – Deep Sky Blue

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